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What the client wanted: Fifteen user guides for a variety of applications, complete with diagrams, screenshots, callouts, screencam clips with voiceovers, related web content .

What we provided: Expert technical writers, editors and proofreaders, our DTP pros and graphic designers to meet the challenge of this job.

How the client rated us: (5 “Best” on a scale of 1 – 5)

What the client said: “Very happy with the quality of the work, the professionalism of Armina’s team and the timely completion of the job.”

Our takeaway: We learned that we can mobilize the resources for even the largest, most technical and complicated writing and desk top publishing challenges and how much clients appreciate the care and comfort with which we deliver.

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We meet, on- or off-line, get acquainted and talk about the job, your goals, and priorities.

Step 2


We scope the job, develop alternatives and settle on a solution that you approve.

Step 3


We do the work as agreed, with opportunity for progress checks at set milestones.

Step 4


We make sure that the work meets all your final specs and our quality criteria.

Step 5


We deliver the translation in “good to go” form to you.