Smart outsourcing that succeeds


Style is everything…

Write specialized website content

A new UK-based startup needed specialized content for its fashion, lifestsyle and travel website in three languages. Just the thing for a boutique translation agency.

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Know an (e)book by its cover

Produce an educational e-book

This individual, having developed a course in digital signage, needed help translating the raw text into multiple European languages and formatting it as a professional quality e-book. Getting it done would take a brilliant team…

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App content that rocks

Research and write iPhone app content

This developer had a ton of raw data for his iPhone app on how babies grow and wanted it converted into content for his app. But he needed still more data, which he asked us to research for him and add. A creative challenge we welcomed.

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Very satisfied with the work done for my data compilation project. Very professional and a pleasure to work with. Work was completed in a timely manner for a great price.
Shana D. – Multeecustoms – USA

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