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On this page, we briefly introduce the two principals of Rent eBrains, Armina and Daniel Sirbu, and the key players who round out their talented, diverse core team. Together, they nimbly provide that unique brand of caring, responsive customer service that has earned accolades from hundreds of pampered customers to date. If you have pressing project concerns, this is the team to have on your side!

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co-founder, demanding, passionate
Armina co-founded Rent eBrains, a business service company, fresh from a career track with Fortune 500 companies. She is ideally positioned to manage every aspect of your project. She loves devising high-quality professional solutions for businesses of all kinds and sizes, and she will move heaven and earth to achieve the outcomes desired by you, the client. Expect responsive customer comfort and care delivered with flair by a relationship manager extraordinaire.
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“I’m the type that can’t sit still. I love leading culturally-diverse teams. My ability to find the right people at the right time for the right project is where I think I can add value to any project.”


“Armina went above and beyond my every expectation. I was amazed by her level of professionalism, competence, enthusiasm, and follow-through…I recommend Armina without hesitation and I look forward to teaming up with her on future projects.” Matthew S. – USA

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co-founder, high-tech, enthusiastic
Coming from an engineering background, Daniel, brings high talent and deep enthusiasm for all things technical to his role as creative co-director of Rent eBrains. He specializes in high-end desktop publishing applications and coordinates the work of other techno wizards in Rent eBrains’ talent pool. It’s high-tech wizardry, and it’s at your service.
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“I love to apply technology to our projects, like in creating a digital signage magazine from scratch in 3 different languages. Outside work, my big dream is someday to build a high-tech self-sustainable house for us with 0% carbon emissions footprint.”


“This contractor is efficient and professional.”
internationalds – USA
“Works completely quickly, professionally and exactly as specified.
Would definitely recommend!”
compuminus – USA
“Good work and delivered promptly – another satisfactory project.
Challenge Power Transmission, US

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Every team has a go-to guy, and Lucian fulfills that role to a T. That’s T as in travel industry, which he trained in, as in telephony and IT, two specialties he is into in a big way, and T as in the data tables he builds and fills at lightning speed. Daniel and Armina think he is simply terrific. With a capital T.


“I never thought I would find a challenging job like this where I can use my technical skills and work to my full potential. I love working on this team, doing the kind of work I always wanted to do.”


“Provided excellent service, the job was stress free for me, which is exactly as I like it. I highly recommend using, and I will use their services again if I get a chance.” Adam J. Murphy – Australia

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One of Rent eBrains’ four global language coordinators, Jules manages the Western European group. She brings a solid background in IT, a talent for words and management skills gained in the corporate world to the team. Based on her ranch in Spain, she manages a stable of eighteen translators remotely when not indulging her passion for horseback riding.


“Six years ago, when I started collaborating with Rent eBrains, I didn’t think such complex jobs even existed outside the corporate world. But it turned into a full-time job that I just love to do. I’m so glad I had the chance to be there from the beginning and to grow with the company.”


“Works to exacting standards. We are very satisfied.”
Björn Kahle, Director,
Simplessus, Germany
“Our project was a 48 page Italian to English translation. The project was produced well within the deadline and it was error free. Did an excellent, cost effective job for us.”
– S. Phillips – dbiservices, USA

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A certified medical translator and transcriber in her own right, Tamina manages the virtual team of nine translators currently comprising Rent eBrains’ Asian language group. An emancipated Egyptian woman, she globetrots with her husband on his international assignments when not living with her family in Jordan. She loves the seaside as well as East Asian history and culture.


“I am glad I can do what I love: medical translations and trascriptions… a wonderful chance to work with a multicultural team. We share our knowledge on everything from medical topics to translating new healthy recipes for a cookbook and in coordinating all manner of concurrent projects with our colleagues in China, Indonesia or Japan.”


“Great Contractor. Thank you for all your hard work. Always satisfied.”
Keith Whitson, L.A., USA

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Three of the four languages that Alex, our young Eastern European account manager, commands he speaks at native level. When he is not translating or coordinating his eleven member translation team, he is heavily into Xbox gaming, but he also plays and teaches piano. He is the eclectic wunderkind on the Rent eBrains Translations team.


“I’m pleased to say that my art school background , a musical ear for foreign languages and my passion for art makes me the natural on the Rent eBrains team for translating design furniture catalogs, describing a painting for an NGO’s braille project and even a manual on how to play a musical instrument. ”


“We are very satisifed with the quality of work and the reliability of this provider. We recommend them to everyone looking for high quality translations for Eastern European languages. ”
Alexander Kronung
Grijs b.v. Landgraaf,

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Based in Florida, Richard is our Americas account manager. A former career journalist, he now coordinates a team of five Western hemisphere translators. This UK native settled in Florida because he wanted to live “someplace sunny.” He likes spending his vacations with his wife, two kids and the dog in – where else –even sunnier Mexico.


„Rent eBrains for me means a good working life outside the cubicle with time to taste the excitment of the world outside. I get some really unusual projects requests, some of them quite challenging, as is the workpace. But, the great thing is that I still have the time, the energy and the desire to explore the world outside work, which I never did or could before joining the Rent eBrains team.”


Great quality, fast turnaround, good price. What more can I say?
Highly recommended!
Gene L. – Grassroots Research, USA
“Great job in translating my book into two languages.”
Milton Nogueirra da Silva, Executive Secretary
Climate Change Forum of Minas, Brazil

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